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It seems that everyone has their plan in case-of-emergency: a safe-room, generator, food, water, flashlights, guns/ammo, but I noticed that no one has a supply of medications ready for when they need them! After food and water, having a supply of emergency medicine prepared is an absolute requirement!


A medical emergency can happen anywhere, at any time. Being prepared can literally make the difference between life and death.

Why would you go without a personal supply of prescription medications? Traveling, camping/hunting/fishing, hiking, mountain climbing or at home in any situation- the Survivor Doc has you covered. 

Thank you for letting me provide you and your family with personal lifesaving medications-before you get sick.

Stay Strong, Healthy and Prepared,

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Thomas O'Connor, MD

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Thomas O'Connor, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Click here to learn more about Survivor Doc and his team.


I am an expert Internal Medicine physician and would like to provide you with your own personal medical prescriptions. ​

Whether you are at home or work, traveling or on vacation, on your boat, camping, hunting, fishing, stranded in your car, when your cell phone is dead or the circuits are jammed. In the case you simply forgot your medicines or any situation when you need a medication.

In Case Of:

  • Traveling domestically or abroad: have a Rx for common medical situations- cold, flu, sinus and lung infections, allergies, skin infections, UTI, diarrhea and poison ivy. 

  • Camping/hunting/fishing: have a Rx for common medical situations- cold, flu, sinus and lung infections, allergies, skin infections, UTI, diarrhea and poison ivy.

  • Natural disasters and you’re stuck in your home for days: hurricane, blizzard, flood, tornado, extreme heat/cold 

  • Man-made disasters: black-out, terrorism, home invasion 

  • In a foreign country with poor quality medical care you do not trust: Stay out of the hospital by having basic lifesaving medications accessible and treating an early medical condition before it turns for worse and it’s too late!

Medical conditions that you need a prescription medicine for:

  • Upper respiratory infections- bacterial bronchitis and pneumonia

  • Sinusitis and ear infections- treat early and limit suffering

  • Flu- can be deadly and can lead to life-threatening pneumonia

  • Eye infections- Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and Endophthalmitis/deep eye infection (rare, but can cause blindness if not treated immediately) 

  • Skin infections from cuts, animal/snake bites or any break of the skin that is worsening – cellulitis

  • Severe skin reactions like poison ivy that need a local or systemic corticosteroid (prednisone)

  • Skin rashes/contact dermatitis requiring a potent topical steroid Rx 

  • Lyme Disease and other Tick-borne infections- Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

  • Severe diarrhea that requires an antibiotic – traveler's diarrhea 

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Respiratory emergencies, e.g., asthma attacks and COPD that require a rescue inhaler and possible systemic corticosteroids

  • Cardiac emergencies with people who have existing coronary artery disease or strokes 

  • Allergic reactions of any type

  • High altitude sickness

  • A 7 day supply of your “other” personal medications (may require an in-person office visit)

How the service works:


A licensed, board-certified physician will interview you regarding your detailed medical history, including your current and past medical history, current and past medications-including specific doses and personal details regarding how you take your medicine(s) and of course allergies and reactions to medications will be carefully reviewed. A careful review of systems will be taken to makes sure your prescribed medicines are exactly what is right for you in a variety of common medical and emergency situations. Your Survivor Doc physician will make sure you understand exactly how and when to use your medications. Once your history is done and your medical prescriptions are reviewed with you, your prescriptions will be called into your local pharmacy and ready for pick-up in a few hours. You will pick up your prescriptions and bring them home to store appropriately. You will receive an email from your Survivor Doc physician with a personalized document indicating exactly how and when to use your prescriptions as discussed during your medical history interview above. You will review this document carefully and store it in a safe place to be used when you require any of your prescribed medications.


Service Cost

Basic prescription package-  7 medications Rx $ 495

Limited prescription package- 3 medications Rx $295


  • Respiratory infection – personal antibiotic, rescue inhaler and systemic corticosteroid

  • Sinus and ear infections – Personal antibiotic, including Rx ear drop medicine

  • Flu – Tamiflu Rx

  • Eye infections – Personal antibiotic

  • Skin infection – personal antibiotic

  • Skin rashes, contact dermatitis – Potent topical corticosteroid Rx and Prednisone

  • Lyme Disease/Tick-borne infections – Personal Antibiotic

  • Prednisone – multipurpose lifesaving medication

  • Urinary Tract Infection – personal antibiotic

  • Traveller's diarrhea antibiotic – personal antibiotic

  • Systemic Allergic reaction – prednisone and Epi-pen

  • High Altitude medicine – Diamox and prednisone


Advanced prescription-Rx package $125 per each additional medication (No controlled medications and an in-office visit may be required) 


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All medications prescribed will be of “generic” type or otherwise specified “brand name” on a case-by-case basis as discussed with your Survivor Doc physician during your detailed history. YOUR MEDICATIONS MAY BE COVERED BY YOUR INSURANCE AND IF NOT THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PRIOR AUTHORIZATION SERVICES PROVIDED by the office of Thomas O’Connor, MD or any Survivor Doc physicians.


Please e-mail or call us for additional information and fees associated with our program(s). Patient care experts are available to assist you with understanding the cost of care.

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This medical service is for emergency medical situations only and not intended as a substitute for personal medical/physician services. This service and any medications prescribed by Thomas O’Connor, MD or any Survivor Doc physicians will never substitute for emergency medical services and you are instructed to call 911 immediately when you are in any medical emergency. Medications and advice from Thomas O’Connor, MD or any Survivor Doc physicians will never be used for other persons not interviewed by said physician(s)- Thomas O’Connor, MD and or any Survivor Doc Physician. Medications and advice from Thomas O’Connor, MD or any Survivor Doc physicians will only be used as a last resort and when your life is in danger and these medications are being used for a life threatening medical issue only. 



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